About Us

Epson LABELWORKS PX formed in 2014 with Seiko Epson Corporation’s purchase of K-Sun Corporation. By combining decades of industry experience with leading-edge technology, the LABELWORKS PX brand is continually developing next-generation labeling solutions for cost-sensitive, quality-dependent industrial professionals.

LABELWORKS PX, the only label printers with a lifetime warranty.


Founded in Stillwater, Minnesota K-Sun Corporation began as a manufacturer of proprietary printing cartridges for electronic labeling machines, sold through independent resellers worldwide.


K-Sun and Epson partner together to market proprietary labeling machines and consumable supplies under the K-Sun LABELShop brand.


K-Sun builds a new warehouse and manufacturing facility in Somerset, Wisconsin.

2001 – 2013

K-Sun continues to expand the LABELShop line with different platforms to meet the needs of industrial labeling for various applications such as wire marking, safety labeling and general identification.


Epson purchases K-Sun Corporation to solidify their partnership, and to work towards development of next-generation labeling solutions.


The flagship LABELWORKS PX LW-PX900 is launched, bringing to market the first next-generation label printer developed by Epson Corporation.