Labeling Around the House


Labeling Around the House

Labeling around the house isn't just a great way to keep things neat and organized, it's fun! Go ahead! Label spices in the kitchen, tool storage in the garage, cords and wires in the home office, or anything else. With Epson LabelWorks, you get professional-grade options all at a price that's easy to afford.  

Popular Printers for Home Use

Epson's LW-PX300

Epson LW-PX300

Cost-Effective • Intuitive • User-Friendly

The LW-PX300 is a low-cost,  label printer perfect for home use, right out of the box. Organize hobbies and crafts, identify wires and cables, label equipment, organize tool storage and bins, create tags, and so much more.

This portable, easy-to-use label maker offers extraordinary flexibility and durability at an affordable price. With the LW-PX300, you can print on various materials such as magnetic tape, heat shrink tube, and super strong adhesive tape at widths up to  3/4-inch. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Epson's LW-PX350

Epson LW-PX300

Portable • Pragmatic • Productive

From home labelers who want a little bit larger keyboard, Epson' s LW-PX350 fits the bill.  It offers the convenience of loading label cartridges from the top along with a host of other unique features all for a low price.

With special-function hotkeys and an automatic cutter, this easy-to-use label maker offers extraordinary flexibility and power not common to most printers designed for the home market. With the LW-PX350, you can print on various materials such as magnetic tape, heat shrink tube, and super strong adhesive tape. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Popular Labeling Supplies for Home Use

Standard Polyester Tape


Popular among home labelers for its many colors and size options, Epson's industrial polyester tape is the perfect labeling supply for many applications around the house.

Flexible Vinyl Tape


Popular for it's flexibility, Epson's flexible vinyl labeling tape is available in yellow or white (with black imprint) making it popular for marking curved surfaces such as jars, containers, and even tool handles.

Printable Magnet Tape


If you need to label steel surfaces such as toolboxes, shelving, or even the refrigerator, custom magnet labels are a fun and unique option.  Plus, if you're using a whiteboard, magnetic labels will stick to that, too!

Popular Labeling Applications Around the House

Cable Identification



Files & File Cabinets

Garage Organization


Kitchen & Pantry

Media Room Labeling

Sports Equipment

Storage Labeling


...and More!

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