Epson LabelWorks' Lifetime Warranty

The Epson LabelWorks Lifetime Warranty

Every printer is covered. No questions asked.

Let's face it. Life happens. Coffee gets spilled. Dogs chew on stuff. Things fall from shelves. Trucks occasionally run things over. But, no matter what happens to your Epson LabelWorks printer, you are covered. Send us the broken printer, we'll send you a new one.


Register your printer with us when you receive it, and you're covered for as long as you own it. And every Epson LabelWorks printer is covered. From our home and hobby printers to our biggest, most rugged industrial label printers. 100% Covered. Always.  


You break it. We replace it. For life.


And this warranty isn't some add-on service plan available at an additional cost. Instead, your warranty comes with your printer, so you'll never have to worry about life if it happens to your printer.

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