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Printing Barcodes is Easy with Epson

Barcodes are everywhere, and the need for them continues to grow.  From warehouse shelving to vials and tubes in the lab, high resolution and durable barcode labels ensure the collection and transfer of accurate information for the people that need it, exactly when they need it.  Epson LabelWorks offers label printing solutions specifically generating nine types of picture-perfect barcodes.

Popular Label Supplies for Barcoding

Matte Silver Labeling Tape


A perfect solution for product labels, asset management, and any application that requires barcodes or QR codes.  Our silver matte provides a smooth surface for great legibility.

Printable Magnet Tape


Our printable magnet tape offers a variety of sizes and colors for barcoding, 5S, and other jobs involving steel surfaces, such as racking, shelves, lockers, and more.

Removable Adhesive Tape


For durable barcode labels intended to be removed, choose our removable adhesive tape.  Popular in labs where labels are removed so containers can be sanitized and reused.

Industrial Polyester Tape


A popular and economic labeling material for all-around labeling including barcoding, choose industrial polyester tape when you need a large variety of colors and sizes.

Barcode Labeling in Practice

Creating Barcode Labels for Every Use

Epson makes barcode labeling easy.  With nine types of barcodes built-in to our economical LW-PX700, you can easily design and print just about any type of barcode you need on a label of up to 1-inch wide.

Designing and Printing Barcodes Using the Epson LW-PX900

Learn how easy it is to design and print barcodes using the Epson LW-PX900, hosted by Melissa Coffman, Product & Traning Lead for Epson LabelWorks.

Popular Printers for Barcoding Applications

Epson's LW-PX800


For those looking for a bench-top printer with a small footprint and the ability to print labels up to 1.5" wide, Epson's LW-PX800 presents the perfect solution. Epson's proprietary Label Editor software (unlimited downloads and licenses included) makes serializing and importing barcode information easy, and printing great-looking labels a snap. Also compatible with our downloadable mobile apps. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Epson's LW-PX900


Epson's LW-PX900 shares the features and benefits of the LW-PX800, and packs them into a mobile printing solution, perfect for those on the go.  Take the LW-PX900 into the field with confidence, knowing that like all LabelWorks printers, your printer is covered by our lifetime warranty. Use the built-in QWERTY keyboard or Epson's proprietary Label Editor software (unlimited downloads and licenses included) to print high-resolution barcode labels wherever you need them. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Epson's LW-Z5000/5010PX


Designed specifically for those who print large quantities of labels, Epson's Z-series family of printers lower the total cost of labeling by offering bulk roll printing supplies of up to 147-feet in length.  Capable of printing barcode labels of up to 2-inches wide, both Z-series printer models are compatible with all other LabelWorks PX label cartridges. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Epson's LW-PX750


For those looking for a stand-alone printer that offers more font options for more visually appealing labels, Epson's LW-PX750 gives you the ability to design and create barcode labels that are both high-resolution and a little more creative than with a standard printer.  Print labels up to 1-inch using any LabelWorks PX cartridge. LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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