Super-strong, dependable, versatile.

LABELWORKS PX strong adhesive labels tackle difficult labeling applications because not every labeling surface is the same. Use strong adhesive tape when you need the most secure bonding possible.

Epson LABELWORKS PX strong adhesive labels provide the user with a slow-set backing so when first applied, the label can be easily replaced or repositioned.  The bond of the adhesive then strengthens with time until it is extremely strong.  To accelerate the bonding process, try applying heat from a hair dryer or heat gun.

Unlike competing offerings, LABELWORKS PX strong adhesive label tape is designed for jam-free printing and all our tape cartridges are cross-compatible with all of our printers.*

Super Strong Adhesive Labels

Common Applications

Strong adhesive label
Strong adhesive label on glass
Strong adhesive labels
  • Tool identification
  • Toolboxes
  • Tool cribs
  • Harsh factory conditions
  • Heavy equipment
  • Foundry labeling
  • Heavy-use applications
  • Stainless steel labeling
  • Glass labeling applications
  • Non-smooth surfaces
  • Heavy traffic areas
  • Much more

Technical Specifications


  • Available in five sizes ranging from 9mm (3/8″) to 36mm (1-1/2″)
  • Print black on white or black on yellow
  • Finish: Glossy


 Stainless SteelGlassVinyl ChlorideAcrylicPolypropylene
Standard Adhesive14.1418.6820.0213.000.78
Strong Adhesive15.4817.6921.2717.212.11

Purchase Options

*Printer limitations apply. Check your User’s Manual for maximum tape width compatibility.