Attention Epson LK Label Supply Users:

If you are looking for Epson LK tape cartridges, please contact us directly. Some supplies are no longer available in our inventory or have been discontinued.

If you would like to update your printer to gain access to a larger selection of available labeling media, check out the Epson LabelWorks' full lineup of printers and supplies here on this website (learn more about us here).  With Epson LabelWorks printers and supplies, you can take advantage of:

    Industrial Labeling Solutions

    Industrial Labeling Solutions

    Rugged label printers, accessories, and supplies engineered for even the toughest workplaces.

    Label Your Home & Office

    Label your life you way with economical label printing solutions designed for homes, hobbies, and office organization.

    Epson LabelWorks Home Labeling Products

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