Durable, flexible, extreme.

LABELWORKS PX vinyl tape provides the perfect option for those who need flexible labels that are durable and resistant to heat, weather, and chemicals. From labs and commercial kitchens to HVAC and especially wire cables, plus a wide variety of outdoor applications, LABELWORKS PX vinyl tape makes labeling in extreme conditions easy.

Strong and long-lasting, LABELWORKS PX vinyl labels adhere smoothly even on curved or uneven surfaces, and will stay firmly attached while providing excellent resistance to smearing, scratching, fading, and peeling. Unlike competing offerings, LABELWORKS PX vinyl tape cartridges are designed to be cross-compatible with all PX printers,* and better yet, provide jam-free printing.

Common Applications

Vinyl Label Outdoors
Vinyl Label for Wire Marking
Vinyl Labels on Wire Cables
Vinyl Labels on Shelving
  • Wire cables
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Electric/Gas meters
  • Heavy equipment
  • Curved surfaces
  • Storage
  • Bulk bins
  • Point of sale
  • Metal signs
  • Outdoor mailboxes
  • Stock rooms
  • Panel marking
  • HVAC
  • Cable flagging
  • General identification
  • Much more

Technical Specifications


  • Standard Material Color: White, Yellow
  • Finish: Semi-Glossy
  • Thickness with liner: 0.173 mm
  • ServiceTemperature Range: – 40°C to 90°C (-40° F to 194°F)


  • Adhesive material: Acrylic
  • Adhesive thickness: 0.020 mm


  • UL/cUL: Epson vinyl label tape is compliant to UL 969 for indoor use. Refer to details at ul.com under file MH49716, Vol 1
  • RoHS: Epson polyester film label tape is compliant to RoHS Standards To directive (2011/65/EU) and (Annex II (EUO 2015/863) established on June 8, 2011


  • Service Temperature Range: -40ºC to 90ºC
  • Recommended Application Temp: 15ºC (59ºF) or more
  • Storage Conditions: from -10ºC to 40ºC (15ºF to 104ºF) and from 30% to 80% RH


Purchase Options

*Printer limitations apply. Check your User’s Manual for maximum tape width compatibility.