Fast, High-volume, Economical.

The Epson LW-Z5000PX and LW-Z5010PX break new ground in the field of industrial labeling solutions.  Designed especially to tackle high-volume label printing for labels up to 2″ wide (50mm), Epson LabelWorks’ 5000PX series easily prints on Epson’s new bulk label rolls that offer users over 145′ of continuous label tape. Epson’s patented rewinder attachment neatly winds the printed labels onto a reel during printing.

For shorter run batches, both printers are fully compatible with all Epson LabelWorks PX cartridges and supplies, including the new 2″ cartridge.

Only Epson LabelWorks PX printers offer both full-cut and half-cut options, meaning the label cutter will either cut the label completely, or cut only the label but not the backing making peeling individual label on a roll a breeze.

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The Epson LW-Z5000PX & LW-Z5010PX will be available in Canada and the United States starting in January 2020.