Epson LW-PX300 Full Printer Kit

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Printer Kit Includes:

Epson LW-PX300 Printer, Bumper Guard, 212VTBWPX Tape Cartridge, AC Adapter, Owner's Manual, Industrial Carrying Case

Printer Features:

• Prints on supplies up to 3/4" (18mm) wide

• Handheld and easy to use 

• Prints custom and compliant labels

• Great for barcodes, shrink tube, magnetic labels and more

• Low cost and portable printer for use in the field or workplace

• Large and clear print preview screen


Professionals prefer LABELWORKS PX and the LW-PX300 — A low-cost, compact wire-marking, bar-code and general-identification label printer for creating custom and compliant labels up to 3/4″ (18 mm) wide. Identify wires and equipment, organize tool cribs and storage bins, tag assets and more. This portable, easy-to-use label maker offers extraordinary flexibility and durability at an affordable price. With the LW-PX300, you can print on a variety of materials such as magnetic tape, heat shrink tube and super strong adhesive tape. Best of all, the LW-PX300 is backed by the LABELWORKS PX lifetime warranty.

Hot Keys

Industry-specific hot keys built into the LW-PX300 save time while labeling. Plus you can quickly access hundreds of industrial symbols, fonts, language characters, templates and styles to make formatting your industrial labels a breeze. And with a size slightly larger than a mobile phone, you can carry it anywhere labeling is needed.


Capable and Productive

The LW-PX300 prints up to 3/4” wide (18mm) on standard and specialty tape, and up to 3/16”on heat shrink tube. Plus, you’ll find the essential features and functions needed for printing cost-effective industrial labels in the field or around the workplace.

More Information
Manufacturer Epson
Brand LabelWorks PX

             Technology: Thermal Transfer
             Tape Width: 6-18 mm
             Compatible Heat Shirnk Supplies: 203 (3mm | 1/8") and 205 (5mm | 3/16")
             Resolution: 180 dpi 
             Printer head width: 9.1 mm
             Max Print Speed: 6mm / sec (With AC Adapter)
             Store Files: Up to 50 files
Print Settings
             Repeat Printing: Yes
             Auto Increment: Yes
             Data Import: No
             Number Serialization: Up to 1 digit
             Mirror Printing: Yes
             Vertical Printing: Yes
             Mix Length: No
             Margins: Minimum 10 mm lead on standard industrial tapes.
             Fixed Length: Auto / Custom
             Cable Wrap: Yes
             Flag: Yes
             QR: Code No
             Barcodes: 8 types
             Symbols: 780 industrial and professional symbols
             Cutter: Manual
             Detection: Cover Open, Battery Level, Tape Detection (size)
             Drop-Stop & Pick-and-Print: No
             LCD: 130 x 48 back-lit monochrome LCD
Other Information
             AC Adapter: Yes
             Battery: 6AA (Not Included)

Tape Information
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