Epson LW-PX400 Printer

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Printer Kit Includes:

Epson LW-PX400 Printer, 212VTBWPX Tape Cartridge, Drop-Guard Cover, AC Adapter, USB Cable, Label Editor Software, Owner's Manual

Printer Features:

• Prints on supplies up to 1" (24mm) wide

• Portable and wireless printing capabilities

• Bluetooth compatible with mobile device and Windows PC

• Prints custom / compliant labels and wire markings

• Shrink tube and self-laminating wrap compatible

• Low cost and portable printer for use in the field or workplace

• Use with free Label Editor software


Professionals prefer LABELWORKS PX and the LW-PX400 – a portable, wireless industrial labeling and wire-marking printer with a lifetime warranty. Whether you are a Datacom installer or an electrician, or need a compact industrial labeling solution, the LW-PX400 is a convenient way to label. The smallest, lightest and most flexible 24 mm printer on the market, the LW-PX400 can work wirelessly in the field via Bluetooth using either an iOS or Android mobile device, or from a Windows PC. Create professional visual identification with durable adhesive supplies and mark wires/cables with self-laminating wraps and heat shrink tubing.

Print Wirelessly

Connect any Android or iOS mobile device via Bluetooth™ to print labels wirelessly with the LW-PX400. Epson’s FREE apps, Epson Label Editor Mobile, Epson iLabel, and Epson Datacom, come with pre-loaded templates, symbols, fonts and bar codes for the job you need to get done. Customize your own labels, use images from your photo gallery, and use voice-to-text for hands-free labeling.


Save Tape

Say goodbye to unnecessary tape waste! LABELWORKS PX margins can help save you up to 60% in tape over the course of ownership.


Epson LabelWorks LW-PX400

Product Overview: Epson LabelWorks' LW-PX400

Explore the highlights and features of the Epson LabelWorks LW-PX400 label printer. Completely wireless, and backed by an industry-leading lifetime warranty, the LW-PX400 packs a lot of punch. Download either the Epson Datacom or iLabel app at no extra charge to seamlessly create labels and wire identification from any Android or iOS mobile device.

Getting Started with the Epson LW-PX400 Bluetooth Label Printer

If you're looking for an easy-to-use, powerful wireless industrial label printer, check out the Epson LW-PX400. Mellisa Coffman, Product and Training Lead for Epson LabelWorks discusses the robust features and benefits that make this printer a favorite.

Using Epson's iLabel App and the LW-PX400 Printer via Bluetooth®

In this short video, Melissa Coffman, Product and Training Lead for Epson LabelWorks, demonstrates the simplicity of designing and printing industrial labels using Epson's iLabel app and the LW-PX printer.

Feature Overview: The LW-PX400 & Fluke Networks

Epson LabelWorks and Fluke Networks have partnered to create a better cable management solution for network installers. LinkWare Live and the Epson Datacom app, when paired with the LW-PX400, streamline wire and cable identification.

More Information
Manufacturer Epson
Brand LabelWorks PX

             Technology: Thermal Transfer
             Tape Width: 4-24mm
             Compatible Heat Shrink Supplies: 203 (3mm | 1/8"), 205 (5mm | 3/16"), 208 (8mm | 1/4"), 210 (10mm | 3/8"), 211 (12mm | 1/2"), 214 (14mm | 9/16")
             Resolution: 180 dpi
             Printer head width: 18.1 mm
             Max Print Speed: 15 mm / sec (With AC Adapter)
             Store and Print Images: No
Print Settings
             Repeat Printing: Yes
             Auto Increment: Yes
             Data Import: Yes
             Number Serialization: Up to 4 alpha-numeric characters
             Mirror Printing: Yes
             Vertical Printing: Yes
             Mix Length: Yes
             Margins: 10 mm lead standard industrial tapes. Specialty tape lead margin varies by supply
             Batch printing settings from 1 to 500mm
             Fixed Length: Auto / Custom with apps and software
             Cable Wrap: Yes
             Flag: Yes
             QR Code: Yes
             Barcodes via Epson Apps: 9 types
             Symbols: 859 industrial and professional symbols
             Cutter: Automatic full cut
             Detection: Cover Open, Battery Level, Tape Detection (Type and size), Tape end, Bluetooth™ connectivity
             Drop-Stop & Pick-and-Print: No
             LCD: n/a
             Internal Memory: n/a
             Interface: USB, Bluetooth™
             Software Download: Epson Label Editor: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11, Epson Label Editor Mobile (for Android and iOS), Epson Datacom app
             Label Editor Lite for iOS
Other Information
             AC Adapter: Yes
             Battery: 6AA (Not Included)

Tape Information
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