Epson LW-PX800 Printer

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Printer Kit Includes:

Epson LW-PX800 Printer, 212BWPX Tape Cartridge, Label Editor Software, AC Adapter, USB Cable, Owner's Manual

Printer Features:

• Prints on supplies up to 1.5" (36mm) wide

• Wireless connectivity option for multiple user access

• Compatible with LabelWorks PX tapes up to 1.5" wide

• Custom label editing software allows for importing from Excel

• Capable of printing large batches of labels

• Large variety of labels available for multiple uses


The LW-PX800 is designed to replace multiple workstation label printers with a single workplace label printer. Multiple users can print to the same printer from their desktops, smart phones and tablets. Wi-Fi lets users easily connect with a direct peer-to-peer connection without requiring a wireless access point. The LW-PX800 can be moved anywhere in a facility for shared access so multiple users can create safety, warehouse, tool room, office and other necessary labels at their desktops to a centrally located printer for use across the warehouse, shop, laboratory, tool room, production floor and office.

The LW-PX800’s flexibility, versatility in supplies, built-in tape saving features and the potential to reduce equipment investment substantially lowers costs associated with visual workplace communication, identification, bar coding, safety labeling and cable and wire marking/labeling.

Half-Cut Option

Epson's LW-PX800 features a half-cut option for multiple labels on a single strip. Making printing of larger batches of labels streamlined and easy to work with. This half-cut option saves time and provides you with the convenience needed for your label printing projects.



The LW-PX800 offers PeelGuard® technology. The PeelGuard® corner trimmer helps protect your labels integrity, creating a longer-lasting label. Benefits like PeelGuard® help reduce total costs compared to other label printers.


Print Wirelessly

Connect any Android or iOS mobile device via Wi-Fi to print labels wirelessly with the LW-PX800. Epson’s FREE apps, Epson Label Editor Mobile, Epson iLabel, and Epson Datacom, come with pre-loaded templates, symbols, fonts and bar codes for the job you need to get done. Customize your own labels, use images from your photo gallery, and use voice-to-text for hands-free labeling.


Epson LabelWorks LW-PX800

Printer Overview: Epson's LW-PX800

In this short video, Melissa Coffman, Product & Training Lead for Epson LabelWorks walks you through the features and benefits that make the LW-PX800 one of her favorite printers.

The Epson LabelWorks LW-PX800: Product Overview

This short overview of the LW-PX800 label printer demonstrates how to network multiple users or keep it for yourself. This powerful desktop label printer labels practically everything including magnetic tape, heat shrink tube, and a large variety of other applications.

Designing and Printing Labels Using Epson's iLabel App and the LW-PX800

Print labels right from your mobile device using Epson's iLabel label design and production app! In this short video, Melissa Coffman, Product and Training Lead at Epson LabelWorks shows you how easy it is!

Using Epson's iLabel App Wirelessly with WiFi

Printing using the LW-PX800 wirelessly with WiFi is easy when you use Epson's iLabel App. In this short video, you'll learn just how easy it is./span>

Epson LabelWorks LW-PX800 Label Printer: Adding QR Codes to Your Labels

Add perfect QR codes to your labels using Epson LabelWorks LW-PX800 industrial label printer. Learn how by watching this short video.

More Information
Manufacturer Epson
Brand LabelWorks PX

             Technology: Thermal Transfer
             Tape Width: 4-36mm
             Compatible Heat Shrink Supplies: 203 (3mm | 1/8"), 205 (5mm | 3/16"), 208 (8mm | 1/4"), 210 (10mm | 3/8"), 211 (12mm | 1/2"), 214 (14mm | 9/16"), 221 (21mm | 7/8")
             Resolution: 360 dpi
             Printer head width: 27.1 mm
             Max Print Speed: 35 mm/ sec
             Store and Print Images: No
Print Settings
             Repeat Printing: Yes
             Auto Increment: Yes
             Data Import: Yes
             Number Serialization: Yes
             Mirror Printing: Yes
             Vertical Printing: Yes
             Mix Length: Yes
             Margins Minimum: 10 mm lead on standard industrial tapes.
             Fixed Length: Auto / Custom
             Cable Wrap: Yes
             Flag: Yes
             QR Code: Yes
             Bar codes: 15 types
             Symbols: 1000+ industrial and professional symbols
             Cutter: Automatic with half-cut function
             Detection: Cover Open, Tape Detection (Type and size), Tape End, Wireless Connection
             Drop-Stop & Pick-and-Print: No
             LCD: N/A
             Internal Memory: N/A
             Interface: USB, Wireless LAN, LAN
             Software to be Downloaded: Epson Label Editor: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11. Label Editor Lite for iOS, Epson Label Editor Mobile (for Android and iOS)
Other Information
             AC Adapter: Yes
             Battery: N/A

Tape Information
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